Rose Parade Scholarship


We recently received a scholarship opportunity for the Rose Parade trip from an anonymous foundation.  This scholarship will allow us to offer students an opportunity to apply for monies to help with their Rose Parade trip expense.  Scholarships are limited, so we are going to utilize a scholarship committee to assist in this process.

We will begin taking applications, March 12th, through April 1st. Please complete the following application. Please complete one form for each student that is applying for a scholarship.

The application will consist of the student and parent information, tax return or an official statement of income, and either a short written essay or video from the student stating why they would like to attend the Rose Parade.  Each applicant will need to be in good standing with the band organization and Munford High School.

If the student is selected to receive a scholarship, they will also be required to participate in a community project to be determined at a later date and write an essay on their Rose Parade trip experience due after the trip. 

Once the committee reviews all applications, then we will notify each student receiving a scholarship and the amount. 


Tom Combs