Bandmasters Grand Champions Merch Pre-Order details

Attention Bandmasters Grand Champions and loved ones of Bandmasters Grand Champions!! Merch is available for order through Tiger Bookstore until Friday, November 22. That means LAST DAY TO ORDER IS NOVEMBER 22.

All items are Gildan brand and are priced as follows:

Hoodie T shirts—$24

Hoodie sweatshirts—$22

Crew sweatshirts—$19

Long sleeve T’s—$16

Short sleeve T’s—$13

A few things you need to know...

**There are more color options than I have pictured. You’ll see when you click the link.

**THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. They will be ready about 7 business days after we close the order. Merch will set up time to deliver. We will not order extras.

**When ordering, DO NOT pick shipping. Choose STORE PICK UP. Merch will pick them up and arrange a pick up time at the high school when they come in.

**Merch is NOT collecting orders or payment. It is all done through the link below.

I’ll edit this post or add info if I’ve missed anything 😊

So proud of our Bandmasters Grand Champions!! I am so happy I get to make this post this year 😊😊😊

Click Here to Access Online Ordering Thru Tiger Promotions

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